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Planning Futures

Committed to Service

Planning Futures

A1 Payee Services in Durham NC is a representative payee service that provides money management services for those who are not able to manage his or her own funds.  We review and discuss your SSA income and expenses with you to plan the best possible budget for you.


Our Mission

Committed to Service

Planning Futures

The continuing mission of A1 Payee Services in Durham NC is to ensure our clients obtain the proper quality of life through strategic financial management, and budget planning.  We provide money management services for those who are not able to manage their own SSA funds in Durham NC, and the surrounding area.


Committed to Service

Committed to Service

Committed to Service

We are committed to ensuring that basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and other personal and medical needs are met.  We help you manage your money in the most efficient way possible.  We work with your creditors to ensure your bills are paid on time for you so you do not have to worry about them.

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A1 Payee Services is a NC licensed and bonded, not-for-profit organization founded in an effort to help members of the community who receive income from the Social Security Administration who need help managing their finances. This service is very important to those individuals who have difficulty with, or are unable to manage their finances well, and pay bills on their own.


Every individuals situation is unique, and A1 Payee Services structures services to meet each individuals specific needs. This service pays the bills for them to ensure they maintain adequate housing and healthcare, and provides bi-weekly disbursements of the remaining funds to ensure his or her funds last throughout the month.  We have many years of experience developing best practice procedures. 


To apply for services:  Please download and print the A1 Payee Services application forms ONLY.  Fill them out completely, scan and send them as an email attachment to mkelly009@nc.rr.com.  Our fax machine is temporarily out of order, and to be honest, sending digital copies saves ink and paper.  Go green!  If you have not been told by the SSA that you must have a payee service, or if you have not had one before, you must also print the physicians statement, and have your doctor fill it out.  The original physicians statement must be mailed to the P. O. Box listed in the contact us section below.  The SSA will not accept copies of the physicians statement.  It must be what they call a 'wet signature,' and if the doctors office has an official office stamp, that is also helpful.  If you are living in an adult care home, you may also need to fill out that form.  Print the "When a payee manages your money" flyer for your personal use, and share the A1 Payee Services informational flyer with your friends, family, and associates.

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Phone: (919) 323-8113 Fax: Send as an email attachment email: mkelly009@nc.rr.com


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